How to Connect Your MUSTART Batteries

With the development of lithium batteries, single battery is not enough to meet people requirements. Many people need to purchase two or even more lithium batteries to build their battery system. Traditional lead-acid batteries, with no BMS inside, can be connected at will but lithium battery can not. It is worth mentioning that BMS can protects the lithium battery in different way, so it is necessary to do some preparation before connecting. Here, I will show you how to connect them appropriately.

Series part-- in this part, we will teach you how to properly connect multiple MUSTART Batteries in series, such as 24V, 36V and 48V.

First, charge the batteries you want to connect individually into a full state of charge(SOC), so that the capacity will not limited to the pack with the lowest state of charge.

Secondly, use a voltmeter to test whether the voltage of these batteries is consistent. The most important part is to make sure that you have them all completely charged first. Then use  appropriate cables to connect them in series.

Parallel part-- before parallel these batteries, you should make sure if they are under the similar voltage(The difference shall not exceed 1V). If not, one of the battery will charge the other one when parallel, and the current may exceed 150A so that the BMS breaker may turn off automatically. It is suggested that you can full charge the batteries individually first to ensure their voltage difference is small enough and then parallel them.

To prevent possible damage ,when you discharge the paralleled batteries, the total current should not exceeding 300A. It is recommended to use suitable cables for battery connection(For details, please refer to the specifications of the electric cable)

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