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  • Level 2 charger for an electric car

    Benefits of Level 2 EV Chargers

    • Significant reduction in charging time
    • Reduce electricity bills
  • Does an electric car raise your electric bill?

    How much does it cost to charge an electric car in kilowatt hours? "The conservative rule of thumb is that electric vehicles can travel 3 to 4 miles per kilowatt hour" Voelcker said. So, divide the total number of miles you drive per month by 3 to get the kWh you use per month. Multiply that number by your cost per kilowatt hour. The amount paid to buy gasoline each month.
  • What happens when an electric car runs out?

    How to avoid running out of battery? A brilliant advancement in technology that can help you if you run out of charge is Mustart EV charger. MUSTART is a high-performance EV charger that can provide 26,32 and 40 amps of charging current for your vehicle.

  • Level 2 EV Charger for An Electric Car

    What Is level 2 Charging? Level 2 charging is based on the 240V voltage from the charging station on the road or the voltage of the high rated current plug in your home. Having a Level 2 EV charger at home is ideal because most EV owners find that they do most of their charging at home.